Legendary Athletes www.legendaryathletes.com continues to differentiate itself in the world of amateur athlete development and high school to college athletic recruiting by announcing the formation of Legendary Athletes Foundation.

While remaining its own separate legal entity, we started the Foundation in order to continue and improve our ability to expand our mission of supporting amateur sports.  Launching the Legendary Athletes Foundation and Endowment Fund is quite simply an idea whose time has come.

For decades, Universities, Public Charities, and Non-Profit causes around the world have implemented strategies that secure their legacies and perpetuate their existence well into the future. The Legendary Athletes Foundation is a non-profit entity that is qualified for tax-exempt status, under IRC section 501(c)(3) as a Qualified Amateur Sports Organization. Through the generosity of friends and supporters, the Foundation and Endowment Fund will allow Legendary Athletes to open new avenues of support and sustain our mission and expand our support for amateur athletes and programs around the country.

Legendary Athletes Foundation:

  • Provides for the promulgation of official rules and standards of play;
  • Facilitates the organization of inter-team competition;
  • Promotes, advertises and runs youth sports, camps, and competitions; and
  • Provides for proper coaching/instruction, athletic equipment and facilities.
  • Support of the Legendary Athletes Foundation not only meets the IRS requirement for fostering amateur sports competition but it also allows programs to maintain top-notch facilities, equipment and instruction thereby enabling them to compete and prepare their student athletes for competition at the highest levels nationwide.
  • Donors can deduct contributions made as provided in IRC Section 170 as well as IRC Sections 2055, 2016 and 2522.
  • The formation of the Legendary Athletes Foundation creates the ability for the Foundation to receive matching grants for current and former Major Leaguers as well as current and former players in the NFL and other entities that support amateur athletics.

For more information email:

[email protected]