A non-profit organization supporting Amateur Sports . The Foundation and Endowment Fund will expand our support for amateur athletes and programs around the country.

The Power Of Giving

For decades, Universities, Public Charities, and Non-Profit causes around the world have implemented strategies that secure their legacies and perpetuate their existence well into the future. The Legendary Athletes Foundation is a non-profit entity that is qualified for tax-exempt status, under IRC section 501(c)(3) as a Qualified Amateur Sports Organization. Through the generosity of friends and supporters, the Foundation and Endowment Fund will allow Legendary Athletes to open new avenues of support and sustain our mission and expand our support for amateur athletes and programs around the country.

Legendary Athletes Foundation:

  • Provides for the promulgation of official rules and standards of play;
  • Facilitates the organization of inter-team competition;
  • Promotes, advertises and runs youth sports, camps, and competitions; and
  • Provides for proper coaching/instruction, athletic equipment and facilities.

Our initiative:  IGNITE CHANGE

“The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.” — Samuel Johnson

At the Legendary Athletes Foundation, we are taking a scientific approach to igniting positive change in our communities.

When it comes to the methodology of creating real change, we believe that real change cannot take place without a clear understanding of exactly HOW behaviors and habits are formed in the first place.  There is growing consensus among the scientific community that there is a very intricate connection between the mind, the brain, and the body.

Together, these three areas of science form what is often referred to as the “ultimate trilogy”.  Understanding how they work together is critical to activating motivation centers in the brain, re-framing negative thinking and habits, rewiring the brain, and driving positive, behavioral change.

Meet Our Team

This is our team of individuals who have dedicated themselves to our cause.  A special thank you goes out to everyone on this team!  Every one of them have been chosen to be here because they live their lives in a manner consistent with the beliefs and goals of Legendary Athletes Foundation.

Nick Corso

Executive Director, Legendary Athletes Foundation

With over 28 years of experience in the financial services/private banking industry, Nick is a leader in the southern California community.  He has served in Principal roles with major Wall Street firms as well as in executive and CEO roles in private industry.   He has been a coach at the youth, high school and collegiate level for over 14 years and currently works with over 70 college and professional sports teams/athletes in the area of sports performance and nutrition.    He is a champion for amateur athletes and is dedicated to helping young athletes reach their ultimate levels of performance in both sports and life.  He is an author and certified coach in Movement Efficiency, Corrective Exercise, and Performance.

Dave Hooper

Chief Technology Officer

After a decade at Microsoft and Facebook, Dave heads his own Digital Agency Build A Better Web Site. With a focus on Small Business and Non-Profits, Dave is key in harnessing the internet to help the Legendary Athletes Foundation achieve our goals.

Cindy Montoya

Director Neuro-Leadership Council

Cindy is amazing!  She is an Educator, Social-Justice Activist, public speaker, award-winning choreographer, and a survivor of gun violence.  Cindy is a proud first-generation Mexican American. She earned her bachelor’s degree from UCLA where she was chosen to be the captain of the UCLA dance team and later became a member of the National Basketball Association Cheer-leading team for the Los Angeles Lakers.  As a creative professional, Cindy brings an astute ability to blend art and social justice into meaningful youth programs while integrating a focus on mindfulness and social emotional learning.

Jon Muir

Director Estate Giving

Jon  graduated from the University of Oregon School of Law in 1989, and practiced law in Portland for 10 years, mostly in the area of trusts and estate planning.  Since moving to California in 2000, he’s worked as a senior trust officer for Mellon, in Newport Beach, Wells Fargo and Raymond James Trust, in Westlake Village, and Union Bank, in Beverly Hills, where, in each position, he managed and administered a large book of trust accounts, while advising high net worth clients about various aspects of trusts. Jon’s guidance and personable approach have guided many families through the process of strategic planning and philanthropic bequests.

Dr. Kevin Steele

Associate Chair – Neuro-Leadership Council

Dr. Kevin Steele is a leader in the health and fitness industry and received his Doctorate in Exercise Science and Nutrition.  Dr Steele has served in Executive roles with such industry giants as 24-Hour Fitness, Life-Time Fitness, and as President of PTA Global. He has also served as a faculty member in Physical Education, Sports Medicine, and Coaching at Pepperdine University.   Dr. Steele has created fitness education platforms, personal training programs, established relationships with numerous health care providers, established corporate sales programs, created corporate universities, participated in government relations/public policy initiatives for the fitness industry, coordinated numerous sponsorships with professional sports teams including the U.S. Olympic Committee.

Mario Waibel

Director of Development

Mario Waibel is a proven leader with an accomplished history in both developing student athletes & multi-tiered programs across the country. He has founded, coached and/or directed national, regional and local level teams, events, camps and leagues reaching across a spectrum of social and economic boundaries. His passionate and driven commitment resonates in the player and program accomplishments earned both on and off the playing fields.


Mario also possesses an expansive and award winning career focused on development and growth in both the Medical and Entertainment industries.

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Legendary Athletes Foundation in the News

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Accept the 1000 Hour Challenge

Accept the 1000 Hour Challenge

INSPIRE CHANGE Accept Legendary Athletes Foundation’s 1000 HOUR CHALLENGE   Those who accept The Challenge agree to utilize their personal or professional social media channels, to post 1000 hours (41 days) of POSITIVE, MOTIVATIONAL, AND TRANSFORMATIONAL content...



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